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to score more

To Score More

At To Score More, we are passionate about creating and supporting the best educational technology possible. The blended system of pedagogy; combining online learning with traditional offline learning is the most successful method of completing the 5 Step Process of Learning – Practicing – Assessing – Analyzing – Applying Remedial Measures.

Practice makes perfect, and To Score More makes maths, Science, and Social Studies practice fun! To Score More sets a new standard for online learning, offering unlimited, algorithmically generated questions; real-time analytical reports; and dynamic scoring to encourage mastery. To Score More is set to become the world's most popular subscription-based learning site for LKG through class XII. With more than 4,000 unique and challenging skills to master, To Score More offers a dynamic and enjoyable environment suitable for any learning style. Students who To Score More are succeeding like never before.

to score more

Learning: Meticulously chosen and curated videos consisting of Classroom and Animated Concept Lectures combined with suggested videos provides the perfect complementary material to school classroom study.

Practice: The entire syllabus is encompassed in a comprehensive manner with more than 150,000 enriched. Our Q&A bank including objective and descriptive type of questions needed to practice for actual exams. Each question in Q&A bank is enriched with Explanation and Hint.

Evaluation: Create and assign Tests /Homework easily through the portal, and add submission dates and automatic marking making it easy to evaluate.

Analysis: To Score More adopts fully automated and granular approach to analysis. Not only quantitatively every student’s performance is analysed up to Topic level but each students learning strength is measured qualitatively as well, on parameters such as Depth of Understanding; Knowledge Retention; Knowledge Gap Analysis.

Remedial Measures: Upon identification of the areas of improvement automated remedial measures are initiated to plug the gaps. Short topical video assignment of relevant content from the system accompanied by a test is initiated for correcting the gaps in the knowledge. There is an in built escalation matrix for educators to review at various level and to intervene, if need be.

to score more

Features of To Score More

Enriched Question & Answer Bank: 1,25,000+ multiple choice & descriptive Q&A's per subject. Each question is enriched with explanations, hints, video tutorials, study notes and categorized according to difficulty level.

Detailed Science Experiments: 250+ experiments with procedures. Observations & virtual simulator. Experiments are linked back to relevant theory and study topic with easy interface.

References for Students: 15,000+ references for students and teachers with external links based on NCERT guidelines providing a huge pool of material to learn from for the students.

Study Notes for References: 8,000+ topic wise study notes for self-study of students which can be used at their convenience giving them detailed insights into the topic for further deep diving.

Video Lectures of Experts: 15,000+ classroom and concept video lectures of expert teachers curated as per NCERT syllabus: taking the learning to interactive level through visual learning.

Offline testing method: Pen and paper based tests with online checking module to provide essential offline test practise as well.

Discussion forums: Connect with peers and teachers to discuss and solve doubts on different topics using the inbuilt discussion forums.

Study boards: For personalized learning with adaptive learning technology, use the study boards to enhance your learning experience.

Solved exam papers: Solved exam papers from last 15 years including the exam papers of board and school papers have been provided to assist students in understanding the trend of examination questions and be better prepared.

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