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Simplified Schooling


The backbone of the society and the nation is undeniably the education system. Nurturing of young talents, focusing on their holistic development, ensues from a sound education system through extensive use of advanced technology. Schools today are exploring smart schooling technology to achieve this very objective. Simplified Schooling’s School Life Cycle Management Solution is an integral part of this technology.

SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING with more than 100s of comprehensive features is a diverse, demanding, and high quality SCHOOL LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION where every stakeholder can discover and realize their potential to achieve overall development.

SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING provides a platform for research, share and collaborate which makes the entire stakeholder fully informed under one ecosystem. With the bunch of exceptional features it has, we have changed the way school works and administrates its day to day operations. Teachers have more time to focus on educational activities rather doing more clerical work and also have managed to reduce their repetitive works. Students have 24x7 anytime anywhere access to various enriched multimedia content and also to the notes prepared by teachers. In simple words, it has simplified the management and teaching efforts and emerged as a smart solution for the e-AGE schools. We promise quick and secure flow of information, fast response times and to deliver our solution that helps educational institutions to make their work easy and simple.



SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING with more than 100's of features, is a diverse, demanding, and high quality SCHOOL LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION where every stakeholder can discover and realize their potential to achieve overall development. SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING provides a platform for research, sharing and collaboration which makes the stakeholders fully informed under one ecosystem.

Some of the Features are

  • Best Solution
  • User Friendly
  • Premium Support
  • White Labeling
  • 100% Secured Data
  • Multi Lingual
  • Powerful Framework
  • Service Commitment
  • Affordable Price
  • Content Sharing
  • Customization
  • Well Planned Roadmap
  • Cloud Based
  • Constantly Evolving
  • Data Privacy
  • Cost Savings
  • Quickest Installation
  • Custom URL
  • Smooth Transition
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    Trustees and Directors

    Streamlines information and data flow within the group.


  • Complete Group Statistical Report
  • School-wise report
  • School-wise Announcements Sent
  • School-wise Lesson Plans Status
  • School-wise Class weekly report
  • School-wise Teachers Daily Check list
  • School-wise Photo Gallery
  • School-wise Fee Status
  • Further can customized as per needs
  • Advantages

  • Get Information from all schools under one login.
  • Manage Staff records.
  • Track level of education at each school.
  • Easier and compatible data handling.
  • Reduced paper work, making the process cost effective.
  • Reduces communication time and cost.
  • Accurate reports on just a click of a mouse or on smart phone.
  • Principal

    Easy supervision and quick access to required information.


  • Complete Statistical Report
  • Send Announcements and archive of all previous ones.
  • Track Lesson Plans Status of individual class
  • View Class weekly report
  • Track on Teachers Daily Check list
  • School Photo Gallery
  • Class Photo Galleries
  • School Fee Status
  • School Calendar
  • Attendance summary of students and staff
  • Substitution teachers
  • Homework given for individual class
  • House strengths
  • View multimedia content
  • View content posted by teachers
  • Advantages

  • Instant information and accurate reports
  • Complete awareness of all the happenings at school
  • Easier and compatible data handling.
  • Reduces communication time and cost.
  • Simplified Schooling Admin

    School Administration

    SIMPLIFIED SCHOOLING works as a personal assistant to the management and school administration to streamline all administrative activities. The following are the school admin modules.


  • Academic year planning
  • School Calendar - evens and holidays
  • Admin Task Calendar
  • Announcements - General or Specific
  • Manage Staff records
  • Add new class and divisions
  • Student Management
  • Manage School Support Staff
  • School House
  • School Photo Gallery
  • Access to school Library
  • Issue Certificates - TC, Bonafide, etc.
  • Staff Leave Management
  • Guardian Details
  • Accountant

    Simplifies the fee collection process.


  • Create Fee structure
  • Fee collection - Cheque, Online or via Fee Chalan
  • Send Alert about fee due date
  • Notify defaulter
  • Integrate Online Payment Gateway
  • Fee collection summary and generate various reports
  • Admission Manager

    Simplify admission process.


  • Create Fee structure
  • Records all enquiries and feedback
  • Issue of Prospectus
  • Schedule interview - intimate parents
  • Assign Class, Division and House.
  • Check-list of all the required documents at the time of admission.
  • Assign GR No. and create parent user id.
  • Front Office

    Simplify front office activities


  • Staff Attendance - through our solution or can be linked with existing bio-metric system.
  • Enquiry Management - Collecting information of new admissions, giving dates for interview and feedbacks.
  • Manage appointments
  • Librarian

    Simplified library management


  • Complete online stock management
  • Create various category
  • Add new books
  • Issue of books and send alerts of due datesComplete online stock management
  • Create various category
  • Add new books, delete damage books
  • Issue of books and send alerts of due dates
  • Notify defaulters
  • Manage library late fee
  • Transport In-charge

    Easily manage complete transport fleet


  • Maintain complete bus records
  • Assign bus and create route, along with pick and drop time.
  • Assign drivers and attendants
  • Transport Fee
  • Allot bus no. to students and staff members
  • Bus tracking on GPS.
  • Alert to parents about nearing bus, who has collect the child from the stop.
  • Security

    Manage security


  • Record in and out time all the visitors.
  • Record complete details of visitors with valid ID proof.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly summary of all the visitors.
  • List of visitors with prior appointments.
  • Inventory & Store Keeping

    Smooth handling of stocks and store keeping/p>


  • Manages inventory items by various category types and allows inventory to be issued to a location, project, person or work orders
  • Tracks all material transactions and assigns stock pools to see what is low so you can replenish as neededs
  • Features ability for end-users to make online requests and sends email notifications to end-users on what was approved, denied or on back orders
  • Displays lists of items that needs to be ordered, tracks detailed information and generates detailed reports and graphs
  • Advantages

  • Easy monitoring of individual modules leading to uncomplicated errors.
  • Automated and quick report generation.
  • Centralized data repository for trouble free data access.
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data.
  • Designed for unproblematic scalability.
  • Eliminate people dependency process.
  • Minimal data redundancy.
  • Automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time.
  • for Teachers


    Pressure to get good grades is not only the concern for the students but also for teachers. To make the students perform better, teachers attempt every possible ways and practices. They constantly need to collect hugh loads of operational data, preparation of various reports, communicate and collaborate with parents and other staff members, Simplified Schooling provides a secure access to the teachers with a powerful tool which help them to schedule, conduct, teach better, capture key operational data, communicate, collaborate and submit reports to the school management.

    Teacher's at school have mainly two roles - as class teacher and subject teacher. Simplified Schooling take cares of both.

    Class Teacher


  • Teacher task calendar
  • Teacher’s timetable
  • Class attendance
  • Overview of class curriculum coverage
  • Class weekly status
  • Grades for Co-Scholastic
  • Print class reports cards
  • Class photo gallery
  • Student’s performance tracking
  • Class announcement
  • School calendar
  • Access to library
  • Request for leave
  • Transport details
  • Update profile
  • Intra communication
  • Subject Teacher


  • Create, modify class Lesson Plans
  • Weekly class reports
  • Period student attendance
  • Post homework
  • Post assignments / project works
  • Pre-intemation to students to view multimedia lesson
  • CCE for scholastic areas
  • Post Reference link
  • Embed video links
  • Access to multimedia content
  • Upload question bank
  • Share additional contentn
  • Advantages

  • Single login to access both assigned roles of class teacher and subject teacher.
  • Availability of more time for students and other activities.
  • Better organized and Improve teaching methods.
  • Smart Phone APP for teachers helps to save more time by reducing duplication of task and can stay connected 24x7.
  • Efficient and effective interaction.
  • image


    Simplified Schooling facilitates the parents to know everything about their pupils. It perfectly improves communication between teachers and management. Parent module is crafted with strong emphasis on what they look for. Parents who don't have time to visit school and check their child's studies but are still concerned about their performance would always love to do all these online.


  • Parent login on multiple devices
  • Regular updates
  • Instant notifications
  • Intra communication
  • Update parent information
  • Bus details and tracking
  • Update private vendor information
  • Child progress report
  • Weekly curriculum coverage report
  • Homework and project work notification
  • Class and School Gallery
  • Fee alert
  • Advantages

  • Active participation in school activities.
  • Reliable updates on child’s attendance, progress report and fee payment, etc.
  • Prior information about school events and holidays.
  • Tracking of all homework, project works assigned.
  • image


    To success in academics, students need to keep a track of schedules and managage projects works, due dates,etc. Simplified Schooling helps students updated and to achieve over all achievement.


  • Class Weekly Report
  • Access to Multimedia content 24x7
  • Project Work alters with submission dates
  • Homework alters
  • Access to reference video, worksheets, notes, etc.
  • Easy access to Library
  • Class timetable
  • Friends birthday’s
  • Access to school photo galleries
  • Announcements and alters
  • School calendar
  • Access to school and class photo gallery
  • Attendance summary
  • Features

  • Enhanced interaction with teachers.
  • Access to multimedia content anytime anywhere 24x7.
  • Prior information about school events and holidays.
  • Stay updated with all the class and school activities.
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